Everything in Life Is a Performance

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For many, the massive upheaval in our world today is possibly THE MOST STRESSFUL, LIFE CHANGING THING YOU’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. But — if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Are you hesitant and thinking —

  • My financial future seems uncertain. I’m feeling powerless and unable to effectively control my financial security.
  • My use of social media is causing me to feel alienated, rejected, judged, lonely and depressed. I’m worried about being bullied and cancelled — because of my beliefs.
  • I’m concerned about my mental health. I’m fighting to deal with my emotions in a healthy way.
  • I want to be fulfilled, happy, content, and have peace of mind.
  • I want to end my struggles, be inspired and live life with enthusiasm — I want a solution!

Learn the Secret to Defeat Fear, Restore Confidence and Win Like Never Before

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“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
Albert Einstein

We are in the midst of a unique moment in history; a dramatic change is taking place right before our eyes. We are witnessing a frantic re‑examination of basic assumptions about work, life, liberty, and happiness. In my latest book, you will learn how to ride this wave of change and not only get your life back but achieve a level of success you never dreamed possible.

  • This is your opportunity to “Reinvent” Yourself …
  • Invest in yourself right now — don’t wait another moment! The transformations you’ll experience are life‑changing …


First of all, this isn’t like any video training or eBook you’ve ever read. What makes this eBook and video training unique is that I have integrated my video PowerTapping coaching sessions within the chapters that you can access in the moment and join me to enhance your experience mentally, emotionally, and physically so you have an actual experience. Having the actual experience takes you beyond just knowledge — you know! Knowing is internal. You feel it!

Praise For

“Robert knows and understands an athlete’s mind and body. He helps me recover faster, perform better, and stay healthy. I view Robert as one of my secret weapons.”

…Bill Romanowski – Former NFL Great and Author

“I am so excited about what I’m doing and my future success since learning these amazing tools. The blocks that kept me stuck are now behind me. I see now how I’ve been a victim of my own self-sabotage and since working with Robert, I’m now in control. It has been unbelievable, the change in the way I feel when I’m in the same situation that gave me so much anxiety. I’m amazed at how powerful this technique is; the results are amazing and profound.”

…Rachael Harris – Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“When I first worked with Robert I was at my low point – I had no confidence. He promised immediate results and he delivered! Within a few minutes I felt a significant difference which translated to the field. Immediately I went out and threw four NO HIT INNINGS! I had never felt quite that dominant as I did that day, I was so focused and in complete control. His PowerTapping technique was so easy to learn and the turnaround was amazing.”

…Ross Pomerantz – Independent Baseball League Starting Pitcher

“My old tapes were running in the background telling me that I’m not good enough for anyone to want to work with me in my organization…I don’t know enough, I’m not successful enough and I’m not worthy. Your amazing PowerTapping technique has changed all that! Since putting what you’ve taught me into action, I’m feeling stronger and I’m no longer letting self-doubt get to me. Thank you.”

…Ann Papp – Network Marketer

“While going through the San Francisco Fire Fighters Academy as a Cadet, I was struggling with the stress of it. All the rigorous testing and high expectation was putting me in overwhelm! Robert worked with me using his PowerTapping technique and I used it every day on my way to class and it strengthened my emotional resilience. I couldn’t have done this without you Robert. Thank you.”

…Sasha Trofimova – San Francisco Fire Department

“Participating in the mentoring program has really helped me to pinpoint my emotional roadblocks. Logically, these feelings don’t make any sense – they even seem silly sometimes. I love being able to, in the moment, change my feelings and how I respond to them. Learning and practicing the PowerTapping technique is just incredible – it’s changed my life.”

…Christine Morrison – Independent Business Owner

“Over the years I was able to notice this destructive pattern. I had issues and took necessary action to combat these problems. I did and still do QiGong, Yoga, reading all the top self-help books, healthy diet, etc… While these things were effective they did not solve the problem. After learning what Robert taught me, I noticed my call anxiety went away. I was no longer nervous when speaking with [clients] and my mental energy improved greatly.”

…Joseph Cole – Real Estate Broker



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When Robert introduced me to his coaching, I was initially skeptical but figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. I found Robert’s work to be a very positive and an immediate experience – particularly in comparison to more traditional therapy. Parker Moore – Graphic Artist